Liaoning reports two more bird flu cases
2005-11-09 23:52:31 Xinhua English

SHENYANG, Nov. 10 (Xinhuanet) -- Two more bird flu cases have been confirmed in Liaoning Province, northeast China, where the first outbreak was confirmed last week, the local government said early Thursday.

The two cases occurred in family farms in Chaoyangsi Village of Daban Township in Fuxin Mongolia Autonomous County, Fuxin City, and the Daling Village of the Nanzhan New District of Jinzhou City, where more than 1,100 chicken died since Nov. 6, said Zhou Liyuan, spokesman for the Liaoning Provincial Headquarters for Bird Flu Control.

The death of chicken in the two villages was immediately reported to the Liaoning Provincial Veterinary Hygiene Supervision Administration on Sunday, and was suspected to be bird flu cases. The State Bird Flu Reference Lab confirmed on Wednesday that the two cases involved the deadly H5N1 strain of bird flu.

The local government has culled 170,000 poultry within a three-kilometer radius of the Chaoyangsi Village in Fuxin City and disinfected locals' residences, water wells, streets, rivers and dejecta of poultry in the village. A total of 116 people at the outbreak sites are quarantined.

In Daling Village of Jinzhou City, 500,000 poultry were culled and disinfection was carried out in a three-kilometer radius of the village, which is now isolated.

So far the outbreak of bird flu has been reported in four Chinese provinces including Liaoning.

On Tuesday, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao called for intensified efforts to fight bird flu and said the country faces a "very serious situation."

Bird flu has not been brought under control completely and is likely to spread, Wen warned during an inspection tour of Heishan County in Liaoning Province, where the first case of bird flu in Liaoning Province was confirmed last Thursday and where more than 10 million poultry were culled since the outbreak in late October.

China is the world's largest producer of poultry, and local governments should be full aware of the great danger posed by the epidemic, Wen said.

He urged areas with a large number of poultry or close to the bird flu-hit regions to draft emergency plans for possible outbreaks.

Local authorities in other parts of the country have been stepping up efforts to prevent the spread of the disease.

In Shanghai, the government has told farmers to set up nets around poultry farms to prevent possible infection from migratory birds. In addition, all poultry should be bred in enclosures.

Such measures are necessary as Shanghai and Heishan are on the same bird-migration route, according to Zhang Suhua, an expert with the Shanghai Agricultural Commission.

In Zhejiang Province, east China, wildlife workers have steppedup monitoring of migratory birds. Major habitats of migrant birds are now under 24-hour observation, according to the Zhejiang Wildlife and Plant Protection Office.

Zoo workers have replaced poultry with beef and mutton to feed beasts to prevent possible spread of bird flu in the Harbin Northern Forestry Zoo in northeast China's Heilongjiang Province, said an official with the zoo administration, quoted by Thursday's China Daily.

Zou Ximing, deputy director of the zoo, said they were keeping a vigilant eye on the birds in the zoo, now considered a "highly dangerous group." All 3,000 birds of 100 species have been vaccinated, he said.

Local residents in the national capital Beijing are also not allowed to raise live poultry and square doves are now bred in enclosures. Local hotels, restaurants, government institutions, schools and dining halls at construction sites are prohibited frompurchasing live poultry.

The city has suspended trade in live poultry and those who report illegal trading of live poultry will be awarded for 10,000 yuan (1,200 US dollars) at most.

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