Peru: Wilson, Harrelson bathe in irrigation ditch

2007-12-07 04:25:51 xinhuanet

BEIJING, Dec. 7 (Xinhuanet) -- The normal Hollywood movie star is not known to stay in a cheap hotel and bathe in an irrigation ditch, but whoever said Woody Harrelson and Owen Wilson are normal?

A local celebrity gossip program in Lima, Peru, "Magaly TeVe" aired video Wednesday night of the two actors deep in Peru's Andes bathing in an irrigation ditch clad in nothing but their boxer shorts. It showed the pair pouring handfuls of water over themselves under the highland sun.

Harrelson and Wilson were reportedly visiting a local orphanage they support near Cuzco, the ancient Incan capital.

They dodged reporters at Lima's Jorge Chavez International Airport on their way to a hotel that cost less than 50 U.S. dollars a night, "Magaly TeVe" said. They flew to Cuzco Wednesday morning.

Wilson and Harrelson are the latest celebrities to visit the region, rich in archaeological ruins.

Cameron Diaz, Olivia Newton-John and Microsoft Corp. chairman Bill Gates wandered through Cuzco's centuries-old cobblestone streets earlier this year.