China: No harm found in exported dumplings

2008-02-13 22:28:18 CCTV


China's quality watchdog announced on Thursday that no harmful chemicals were found in dumpling exports involved in a food poisoning incident in Japan. Related departments of the two countries will jointly conduct further investigation on this issue.

China's General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine says an inspection of the exported dumplings in question show they are free of harmful chemicals. This is responding to earlier Japanese report saying at least 10 people in Japan suffered stomach ache, vomiting or diarrhea after eating frozen dumplings imported from China's Hebei Province.

Wang Daning, Official of AQSIQ said "Hebei's provincial quality watchdog has conducted tests on the samples of the two batches of dumplings and found no trace of pesticide remains. Tests results prior to the dumplings being exported also showed no problems either."

The AQSIQ also said tests on the raw materials being used by the factory such as ginger and cabbage have also passed the quality and safety inspection.

The Japanese government has examined the vomit of the poisoned people and the food packages left at their houses. Officials say they've found enough methamidophos, a pesticide substance that's above safety levels. However, tests by Japanese authorities on the rest of the dumplings of the same batches were safe. So were all the other types of products made by the same Chinese company.

Wang Daning said "Both Japanese and Chinese police have began investigations. They've agreed not to release any official comment before a final result comes out."

The AQSIQ has demanded the producer of the dumplings to immediately recall all products already in or on their way to Japan. Wang said the company's products are all exported to Japan and not sold in other countries or domestically. It said China will send experts to Japan help resolve the issue.