China, Japan hold 2nd talk over dumpling case

2008-02-13 22:31:45 CCTV


Chinese and Japanese experts have met again on Monday as talks continue over the recent outbreak of food-poisoning from Chinese-made dumplings.

It is the second time that expert teams from both sides are sitting down together at Japan's Cabinet Office to explore how a pesticide managed to find its way into frozen dumplings.

Chinese officials say they will continue to work closely with their Japanese counterparts to find out the cause of contamination.

Li Chunfeng, Chinese Food Safety Investigator said "Both the Chinese and Japanese governments will cooperate, and I believe there will be a scientific explanation to this problem."

Meanwhile, a top Japanese government spokesman says both sides are finding evidence in stages.

A full investigation has been carried out in China, but tests found no harmful chemicals. And tests by Japanese authorities also showed the rest of the dumplings in the same batches were safe.

China and Japan have agreed to refrain from announcing any conclusions before a thorough investigation and a full exchange of views.