Love blooms despite costly roses

2008-02-14 19:59:36 CCTV


Roses are a firm Valentines's Day favorite for many sweethearts. But winter storms in southern China have driven up the cost of saying "I love you" with flowers this year.

In Qingdao city in Eastern China's Shandong Province, roses are still the most popular flower on Valentine's Day.

Qingdao resident MR. Song said, "Women love flowers, and my wife is no exception. So I buy her the most beautiful flowers every Valentine's Day."

Rose prices have jumped to 15 yuan each this year, compared to around six yuan last year.

Flower growers in Yunnan Province, the main rose producing area, were badly affected by the bad weather and the prolonged Spring Festival travel peak increased freight charges.

A florist said, "Air freight fees have increased from 6 yuan per kilogram to 10 yuan per kilogram."

But the higher prices have not impacted consumers' desires to let love bloom.

MR. Song said, "It doesn't matter, I usually don't buy flowers. There is only one Valentine's Day each year, as long as my wife is happy, I don't care about the price."

As the weather in southern China warms up and transport links reopen, the price of roses is expected to fall slightly.