Power supply recovery efforts underway

2008-02-17 19:48:05 CCTV


Authorities in Yunnan Province in southwest China have moved to repair the damaged electrical power facilities in Qu Jing. The city has recently been hit by rare snowfalls, causing power supply cuts to nearly 50 local towns and villages.

Since Friday, thousands of local electricians have rushed to locate and repair broken electrical circuits.

But the placement of these damaged towers in elevated and mountainous areas has increased the difficulty of their work.

Residents have taken it upon themselves to join the efforts.

A Qu Jing resident said, "They're here to support us. This is the happiest thing for us."

Local power supply authorities and the city government have earmarked six million yuan, or more than 800,000 US dollars, towards the relief efforts.

The top priorities are road maintenance and the repair of power lines and other infrastructure.

There are 11 areas in total across Yunnan that have suffered from the deluge of rain and snow.

Provincial civil affairs authorities have distributed 25,000 quilts and 21,000 items of clothing to those affected.

17 million yuan in emergency funds has been allocated for the repair work for the province.

Authorities have said that all repairs to major facilities should be completed before the end of next month.