Polar team fears global warming

2008-02-18 21:54:50 CCTV


A Belgian polar expedition team has just finished a journey to Antarctica.

They presented their findings on Friday, saying global warming was changing the continent.

The Belgian team followed the footsteps of Andriaen de Gerlache who made twenty landings across Antarctica more than a hundred years ago.

They compared the photographs left by de Gerlache with the current landscape and found a changing continent.

Dixie Dansercoer, Leader of Polar Expedition Team, said, "We see subtle signs of global warming and these are shrinking glaciers, the waters in the Antarctic Peninsula that become more ice-free and also that the population of Antarctica, being the penguins and the other wildlife, are faced with problems."

The team also said the increase of rain endangered penguins because it makes their protective layer of skin thinner.

As a result, the penguins migrate further south with their chicks, many of whom are too fragile to survive the journey.

Their biggest fear for Antarctica is that it faces rapid changes - either from humans or from the weather - and that anything that happens too quickly is likely to be problematic.

The team of six left Antwerp harbor in Belgium on September 17th last year.

Belgium is currently building its first sustainable polar research base in Antarctica.