Chinese people prepare for Lantern Festival

2008-02-20 21:00:09 CCTV


Chinese people are looking forward to the Lantern Festival, which falls on Thursday this year, the 15th day of the first lunar month.

Residents of the city of Binyang, in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, always perform dragon dancing four days before the Lantern Festival as a way to wish good luck and prosperity. The dragon dance is performed at the same time as fireworks are set off. People run around as the fireworks go off showing their courage.

And in the city of Quanzhou,in Fujian province, hundreds of lanterns have been attached to one long rope. Some 4,000 people hold these lanterns producing a spectacular sight. This expresses their wishes for a smooth and safe water transportation, and a good harvest.

One essential feature of the Lantern Festival is the riddles on the lanterns.

In Shanghai, residents take part in a contest to solve the riddles. The lanterns showcase traditional folk art and are a tourist attraction.

Sweet dumplings made of glutinous flour are delicacies which most symbolize the Lantern Festival. The round shape of the dumplings represents family reunions. People come to the market early in the morning, queuing up to buy the sweet dumplings which sell like hot cakes.