BOCOG: Spielberg´s absence no impact on BJ Olympics

2008-02-20 21:07:33 CCTV


The issue that just won't go away surrounds the resignation of high-profile Hollywood director Steven Spielberg from his position of artistic consultant for the Beijing games. Spielberg announced his decision to quit the Games, citing concerns over the violence in Darfur, which he linked to the Chinese government. BOCOG officials say his absence will not have any impact on the success of the showpiece events.

Li Zhanjun, Head of BOCOG Media Center said "We express our regret about Spielberg's pullout. But it won't affect our preparation work for the Olympic opening ceremony. I believe people from all over the world will witness a wonderful and joyful opening ceremony."

Chinese officials to fill key roles at Olympics

Meanwhile, BOGOG also said that Chinese officials will become competition managers at the Beijing Olympics. According to BOCOG, all the key posts for the 28 sporting events will be taken by local Chinese officials, and the appointments have all been recognized by the International Olympic Committee.