Disabled dancers ready for Paralympics

2008-02-21 22:26:52 CCTV


Chinese disabled dancers are getting ready for the grand opening of the Beijing Paralympics. The talented dancers will showcase Chinese culture and pass on their passion for life to disabled people worldwide.

It takes perfect coordination to pull off a dance routine when you can't hear the music. But for twenty one hearing impaired dancers of the China Special Art Troupe, it's no big deal.

Selected from 90 million disabled people in China, these dancers will perform the "Thousand hands of Guanyin" at the Paralympics in September this year.

Although this famous dance has been performed many times before, it's not easy.

Dancer Wei Yujie said, "The biggest challenge for us is that we can't hear the music. We need to practice a lot and learn how to coordinate. We have to use our hands and feel the music beats to learn."

In a silent world, dancers need to rely on gestures by the director. Sometimes they also rely on feeling each others' breath on their skin to sense the music's rhythm.

Although training is hard, the dancers feel fortunate and grateful to have a chance to act as ambassadors for Chinese culture.

Luo Xiangjun lost his arms when he was seven years old. Now as an acrobat, his aim is to perform for the Paralympics in Beijing.

Dancer Luo Xiangjun said, "Whether in China or anywhere else in the world, disabled people are a weak group. We want to perform on the Paralympics stage to demonstrate to the world that we can live satisfying lives too."

Paralympics organizers hope this year's Games will not only provide a stage for disabled athletes and performers, but will also raise awareness of disabled people.