Vision Beijing films to hit TV

2008-02-25 21:55:03 CCTV


Five short films by world renowned directors, about preparations for the Beijing Olympic Games are headed for television sets world wide. A project named Vision Beijing aims to promote the Olympic host city, Beijing.

The municipality invited Italy's Giuseppe Tornatore Majid Majidi from Iran, Patrice Leconte of France, Daryl Goodrich of Britain and Andrew Lau from Hong Kong, each to direct a short film about preparations for the 29th Olympiad. It took 600 days to finish the project. The premier is coming Sunday.

In Tornatore's first trip to Beijing, he filmed Reunion. It tells of a group of students and their teacher from 30 years ago, who got together for a reunion 30 years after graduation. Tornatore won the Academy Award for Nuovo Cinema Paradiso in 1999.

It was also the first time for Majidi to come to China. Majidi's film, the Children of Heaven was an Academy Award nominee for Best Foreign Language Film of 1998. In Beijing, Majidi chose his favorite subject, children. His film, Colors Fly, focuses on children, looking forward to the Olympic Games.

Leconte, arguably France's best director, was a stranger to Beijing too but he soon caught up on his knowledge of the Chinese capital. His, "Film Impressionistic", captures Beijing through its notable structures including, the Summer Palace, Olympic venues and modern buildings.

A retired athlete, Goodrich developed his career by combining sport and film-making. After the success of his promotional film for London's 2012 Olympics bid, he joined Vision Beijing. His five-minute film, entitled Belief, focused on the hard work and thrill of athletic competition.

Hong Kong director Lau, the only Chinese director invited to the project, showed his love for Chinese food in "Color,Fragrance, Taste Beijing".

Lau, has a large following in China, thanks to his hit films including Storm Riders, Infernal Affairs and Initial D. In his Vision Beijing short, he showed some of China's most famous culinary dishes - establishing the relationship between food and Chinese culture.

The short films were shot in over a hundred scenes including Tian'anmen Square, the Great Wall and the Bird Nest. Over 2800 extras took part in filming.

The five films will be screened on CCTV-2 on Feb. 28. They also are scheduled for Beijing TV and the national TV stations of Italy, France and Iran. will upload the films to the World Wide Web, for global viewing.