Ebola outbreak in Congo declared a global health emergency

The deadly Ebola outbreak in Congo is now an international health emergency, the World Health Organization announced Wednesday after a case was confirmed in a city of 2 million people.

20 feared dead, dozens injured in possible arson attack at animation studio in Japan's Kyoto

Ten more people are feared to have died at an animation studio in the city of Kyoto, western Japan, raising the total fatalities to possibly more than 20, with dozens of others injured, some of them seriously, local media reported Thursday.

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中国网:你越是了解自己,就越不会为外物所困扰。 晚安 ​…

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中国日报网:Towering genius disdains a beaten path. It seeks regions hitherto unexplored. 卓越的天才不屑走旁人走…

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CGTN:#晚安# Centering around life. 当地时间7月16日,孟买,在一座倒塌楼房的废墟中,救援人员正在搬运幸存者。…

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中国新闻网英文网:Spring Festival travel rush: No matter how far away it is, home is always the destination http://t.c…

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深圳日报-英文:【每日一词】Tirade 激烈的长篇演说。例句:An Australian model was sentenced Monday in Los Angeles to …


President Xi Jinping on Wednesday met with Chinese diplomatic envoys to foreign countries, who are in Beijing to attend a work conference for overseas envoys. Full Story

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