6 Chinese enterprises apologize to public over pollution

2007-12-27 06:06:47 Xinhua English

HANGZHOU, Dec. 27 (Xinhua) -- Six enterprises in east China's Zhejiang Province published a letter of apology in a local newspaper on Thursday, saying they are sorry for polluting the environment and would rectify the situation.

The enterprises included two paper mills, two electroplating factories and two printing and dyeing factories. They were ordered to apologize to the public by the municipal bureau of environment protection of Hangzhou, capital of Zhejiang. They were also fined.

Dai Beijun, chief of the provincial environmental watchdog, said the apology order "is meant to shame pollution enterprises and their executives and ensure that the public know what happens. We want to tell the enterprises that the public detest pollution".

In the Hangzhou Daily letter, legal representatives of the six enterprises said "we have been found discharging excessive pollution recently. This is because we had not paid enough attention to environmental protection nor fully obeyed the law and regulations, and the pollution treatment facilities were not operating properly".

They said "we sincerely apologize to all the people in Hangzhou and are willing to accept criticism and advice".

They also promised to suspend production and invest more in pollution control, so as to meet related requirements by the end of next month.

The chief of the provincial environmental watchdog said they were planning to implement the measure of ordering polluting enterprises to apologize around the whole province.