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Google to offer video search, competing with Yahoo
2005-01-26 06:24:23 XinhuaEnglish

Internet giants Google and Yahoo are introducing services that

will let users search through television programmes based on

words spoken on the air.(Photo source: Yahoo) BEIJING, Jan. 26(Xinhuanet)-- Internet giants Google and Yahoo are introducing services that will let users searc
h through television programmes based on words spoken on the air.

Google Inc. on Tuesday launched a TV video-search service that broadens the company's strategy of expanding search to information on and off the web, and takes it into a market where more advanced services have been available for years.

Googleˇ¦s service does not actually permit people to watch the video on their computers. Instead, it presents them with short excerpts of programme transcripts with text matching their search queries and a single image from the programme.

Googleˇ¦s vice president for product management, Jonathan Rosenberg, said offering still images was somewhat limited but was a first step toward a broader service.

For now, Google Video is meant to attract feedback from users, Google product manager John Piscitello said. Video clips will eventually be available, but Google isn't saying when.

In the meantime, the service's preview page will display up to five still video images and five short text segments from TV programs. For individual shows, users can find out when the program will air next, and search for specific words within the program.

Program details, such as channel, date and time, can also be displayed according to zip code.

Google is indexing information it's gathering directly from TV broadcasts over satellite, and also indexing content made available through partnerships with PBS, the National Basketball Association, Fox News and C-SPAN.

Yahoo introduced a test version of a different sort of video search last year, available from a section of its site, that lets users comb through video clips from various websites. On Tuesday, Yahoo was to move the search to its home page. In the coming weeks, it will introduce the search on closed-captioning text for programs from some networks, including Bloomberg and the BBC.


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