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President Hu underlines development of social sciences
2005-03-07 06:23:06 

BEIJING, March 7(Xinhuanet)-- President Hu Jintao Monday highlighted the crucial role of philosophy and social sciences in building a more affluent society in China and enhancing the country's comprehensive national strength and international competitiveness.

"The development level of philosophy and social sciences can epitomize a nation's thinking capabilities, mental outlook and thelevel of civilization," said Hu while joining in a panel discussion of social scientists serving as senior political advisors, who are currently in Beijing for the annual full sessionof the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference(CPPCC), the top Chinese advisory body.

The Chinese president urged the philosophers and social scientists in the country to"unswervingly uphold the guiding status of Marxism", keep pace with the times to constantly make theoretical innovations, and add still greater vitality to Marxismin the contemporary China.

"I hope you will firmly bear in mind your social responsibilities, foster a fine style of research and study and work more closely in coordination to actively promote the prosperity and development of philosophy and social sciences," said Hu.

Also on Monday, other senior Party and state leaders including Premier Wen Jiabao, CPPCC National Committee Chairman Jia Qinglin,Vice Premier Huang Ju and the Party's disciplinary chief Wu Guanzheng also participated in the panel discussions of the lawmakers and political advisors.

During discussions with lawmakers from north China's Tianjin Municipality, Premier Wen acknowledged that the Yangtze River Delta region in east China, the Pearl River Delta region in south China and the region around the Bohai Sea rim, where the industrial and business center of Tianjin is located, boast remarkable regional advantages and huge potentials for development.

He urged the better-developed eastern coastal regions to take the country's lead in basically realizing modernization, and to play a vital role in supporting and promoting the development of the less-developed central and western regions.

In panel discussions with lawmakers from northeast China's Liaoning and Heilongjiang provinces, Huang Ju and Wu Guanzheng respectively voiced their opinions on how to conduct in-depth reform of State-owned enterprises, to do a good job relevant to employment and re-employment, protect the enthusiasm of workers and give scope to their creativeness, as well as on how to improvethe work style of the Party and to prevent and fight corruption.

President Hu underlines development of social sciences  
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