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2nd phase of "Peace Mission 2005" starts
2005-08-20 01:27:33 Xinhua English




QINGDAO, Aug. 20(Xinhuanet)-- The second phase of the Sino-Russia joint military exercise started in east China's Shandong Peninsula Saturday morning.

The new phase of exercise, dubbed "Peace Mission 2005", mainly focused on delivery and outspread, adjusting decisions, and organizing coordinated actions.

Weapons and logistic and telecom support have all been ready for the joint drill, military sources at the spot said.

The Chinese and Russian troops had already had their first joint practice on the three courses in the Shandong peninsula and its nearby seawaters on Aug. 14, 15 and 16, sources said.

The three courses, or the actual combat practice, cover offshore blockade, amphibious landing and forcible separation.

The whole war game is scheduled to go through three phases, including strategic consultation and battle planning, transportation and deployment of troops, and combat practice. The first phase was held in Russia's coastal city of Vladivostok.

The Russian troops involved include officers and soldiers from paratroops, marine corps, air forces and navy. They arrived in theShandong peninsula and the nearby offshore seawaters since Aug. 9.

Meanwhile, Russia's Il-76 transport plane, Il-78 refueling plane, A-50 early warning plane, Tu-95 MS and Tu-22M3 strategic bombers, Su-24M2 bomber, and Su-27SM fighter jet will join the combat practice, along with anti-sub vessel, destroyer, landing craft, rescue towboat, logistic support vessel, and parachuter combat car.

The Chinese troops, including ground forces, navy fleets, marine forces, air forces and paratroops, have already assembled in Shandong Peninsula and conducted one-side practice since mid-July.

The 8-day China-Russia joint military exercise involves nearly 10,000 troops from the two countries.

The joint drill aimed to improve the capabilities of the Chinese and Russian armies in combating new threats, dealing with crises and organizing coordinated actions in the backdrop of the fight against terrorism, separatism and extremism. Enditem

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