Experts blame China's snow disaster on La Nina, atmospheric circulation

2008-02-01 21:10:50 Xinhua English

NANCHANG, Feb. 2 (Xinhua) -- The rare prolonged snowstorms and low temperatures that have caused havoc in many parts of China are mainly related to La Nina and abnormal atmospheric circulation, Chinese meteorologists said.

The unbalanced precipitation in China this winter greatly resembles the aftermath of La Nina event in history, which indicates that the latest development of La Nina is a main cause of China's abnormal snowy weather, meteorologists with Jiangxi Provincial Meteorological Bureau said.

The experts predicted that the La Nina event, which formed in August last year, will continue to the end of the spring season.

They also pointed out that the abnormal atmospheric circulation in some regions of Europe and Asia, which has lasted for nearly 20days since mid-January, is responsible for the rampant chilly weather, rain and snowstorms.