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Chinese, Russian forces launch amphibious landing drill
2005-08-25 00:21:18 Xinhua English

QINGDAO, Aug. 24 (Xinhuannet) -- Chinese and Russian troops launched an amphibious landing drill in east China's Shandong Province Wednesday morning as part of the joint military exercise dubbed "Peace Mission 2005".

After a day of naval exercises with ships and planes practicingair and sea blockades, the joint forces made an amphibious landing.

At 11:08, the air forces took the lead in attacking military facilities on the shore. Fighters and bombers targeted missile launchers, accompanied by destroyers flanking the shore with canons.

The joint aircraft formation, covered by fighters, made saturation bombings of artillery and destroyed major forward and deep targets, disabling defence systems. Helicopters then swept off land blocks for Chinese and Russian joint marine corps.

Armored landing vehicles carrying hundreds of joint marines charged forward on the shore accompanied by firing cover from amphibious tanks and helicopters.

Hundreds of paratroopers were carried by three transporters into the heart of hostile defenses. At the same time, 18 helicopters transported a special force squadron to assault the target's left rear.

Half an hour later, covered by 12 armored helicopters, a Russian marine company together with a Chinese amphibious battalion and more than 40 landing vehicles set foot on the beach.The first echelon of rangers captured the forward positions on thebeach in two minutes.

At 11:52, three landing crafts of the joint fleet took a secondechelon of 32 armored carriers to the beach, supplying infantrymanto secure the consolidated positions.

At 12:10, the amphibious landing exercise concluded with the joint forces accomplishing the landing mission.

General Ge Zhenfeng, general director of the Chinese side of the exercise, said he was delighted, adding though it was raining,the Chinese and Russian forces had cooperated smoothly.

General Vladimir Moltenskoi, deputy chief of Russia's Land Forces in charge of the exercise, said that soldiers and officers of both sides had done excellent jobs by precisely completing all the planned missions in very bad weather.

Chinese Defense Minister Cao Gangchuan and his Russian counterpart Sergei Ivanov observed the exercise.

Shanghai Cooperation Organization's observer delegates include Tajik Defense Minister Sherali Khairullaev, Kyrgyz Defense Minister Ismail Isakov, Kazakh Deputy Defense Minister Abai Tasbulatov and Uzbekistan Deputy Defense Minister R. Niyazov.

Chinese, Russian forces launch amphibious landing drill  
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