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2009 Chinese Horoscope - Year of Ox (Cow)

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2009 Chinese Horoscope - Year of Ox (Cow)

The animal sign Cow in Chinese Horoscope is a female. We prefer to say 2009 is a Brown Cow Year than Brown Ox or Buffalo Year. Brown is equivalent to Earth in Chinese Astrology Five Element theory. The major element in Cow is Earth. It's very clear that Earth comes very strong in 2009.

Earth is the ground under our feet. The ground is very steady. It's required lots of energy to make it move. This implies the difficulty to make a chance in 2009. Earth is the land. Land is related to Real Estate property. The major focus in 2009 will be the land related issues. Hopefully, the Real Estate market will be gradually stable. Certainly, it's necessary that people put extra efforts and time to work on the problems.

Since 2009 Year of Cow contains strong Earth, people should have a very good luck, if their Chinese Astrology Lucky Element is Earth. The good luck should come to them in the months of Earth. But which months are the month of Earth?

In the theory of Chinese Five Elements (Metal, Water, Wood, Fire Earth),

The strongest season for Wood is Spring: Wood is related to tree and tree grow fastest in Spring

The strongest season for Fire is Summer: Fire is related to heat. Summer is the hottest season in the year

The strongest season for Metal is Fall: Metal is related to solid. All living things absorb energy inside body in the Fall. (such as Flower turn into seed)

The strongest season for Water is Winter: Water is related to cold. Winter is the coldest season in the year

The Earth season is the days between four seasons. Chinese astrology says the Earth is charge of the 18 days before each season. The Earth Cycle will repeat about every two and a half month. The total Earth days in a year is 72. When is the strongest period of Earth in 2009? Because Fire is the mother element of Earth, therefore, we can say that the strongest period of Earth is the 18-day before the season of Fall.

If your lucky element is Earth and you are expecting something nice to happen, then the first target date will be in the second half of April. If it doesn't happen, then you have to wait for the date in the end of July, October, then January 2010. If the Earth is your unlucky element, then you need to prepare the emergency plan and even pay attention on daily activities during seasons changing. The good news for unlucky Earth people is that they always have at least two month break before the next unlucky cycle comes.

Because Earth is the mother element of Metal. Earth can make Metal stronger. If your Lucky Element is Metal, then 2009 is a good year to you. The lucky season is the Fall - August, September and October.

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