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Avoid being kidnapped by pseudo-patriotism

2012-09-17 04:10:35 GMT2012-09-17 12:10:35(Beijing Time)

Chinese residents protest against the Japanese government near the Japanese Consulate on Xingyi Road in Changning district Sunday.

By Yuan Yue, Sina English

The almost unanimous consensus at this moment is that we should love our country in a rational and lawful manner. This speaks volumes for the mainstream public opinion.         

In Beijing yesterday, there were plenty of people taking to the streets in front of the Japanese embassy to show their anger-- rationally. The demonstrators were cooperating with the public security officers and protesting in an orderly way. Similar situations were seen in some other cities.         

Real patriotism, in this case, is to express anger over Japan's illegal purchase of Diaoyu Islands, instead of creating chaos on our own turf. Patriotism is not just a slogan; it should be translated into concrete actions, from respecting others' property, to preserving public order, all the way to treasuring the flowers and trees on the roadside.             

For sure, many citizens and law-enforcing organs stand to resist "patriotism" unduly expressed and even those illegal behaviors in the disguise of “patriotism”. This deserves our applause.         

Neither the public nor the police should be kidnapped by the pseudo-patriotism, and allow a handful of extremists to run wild under the cover of "patriotism". Real patriotism is a noble act. Patriotic behaviors should be within the legal framework, and cooperate with law-enforcing departments. So to speak, real patriots should perform their obligation, and guard the laws.         

Some cities witnessed patriotic demonstrations evolved into chaos a couple of days ago, this may be due to the local law-enforcing departments' failure to tell the demarcation between patriotism and illegal behaviors. A few officials were afraid, that if they were to take actions against those "patriots", they would be considered as "traitors", or labeled as "suppressing patriotism".

Actually, They don't have to worry about that. The public, for the most part, detest those troublemakers; it is also their aspiration, therefore, to have the rioters arrested and punished.         

Just as the public can show their patriotism via demonstration, law-enforcing personnel can also show that by fulfilling their duty and keeping the public in order. We have seen from what happened yesterday, that in cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Hangzhou, the police's endeavor to defend the law has won wide appreciation. 

Public opinions can only be better shown if we love our country in a rational manner. And only in that way, could every citizen's interest be secured, our society as a whole pushed forward on a sound track, and our country provided with a momentum to get stronger.

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