Parents sell newborn baby, buy kitten

2016-12-28 01:17:01 GMT2016-12-28 09:17:01(Beijing Time) Global Times

A Zhejiang Province couple who sold their newborn online for cash is behind bars.

The 26-year-old mother, surnamed Ding will serve five years in prison after she sold their baby daughter for 20,000 yuan ($2,857) in June 2013.

The father of the child, surnamed Jia, will serve five and a half years for his role.

"We spent the money on expenses and buying a kitten for Ding," Jia told the court.

Jia said the 2,000-yuan pet was to help provide Ding with psychological comfort.

The couple had used Tencent's QQ platform to seek our buyers before Ding gave birth, claiming they had no money to raise the child.

They connected with a buyer in Jiangsu Province, who paid 20,000 yuan as a "nutrition expense," Jia told the court.

The pair was arrested during a local police crackdown on women and child trafficking.

"We are unemployed and we did what we could for the baby's good," said Ding, who showed no remorse for the action.

Ding's five-year sentence includes a separate conviction for selling her first newborn in 2012 for 10,000 yuan to a buyer in Henan Province.

Jia has filed for appeal.

Qianjiang Evening News

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