Nanchang closes rehab center after abuse reports

2017-04-25 01:05:32 GMT2017-04-25 09:05:32(Beijing Time) Global Times

Local authorities in Nanchang, East China's Jiangxi Province said on Sunday that a local rehab center that was found to abuse disabled children has been suspended.

The Nanchang Disabled Persons' Federation said on Sunday that it felt sorry for the abuse of the children, and vowed to investigate the incident and hold involved people accountable.

"We will not allow such things to happen again. We have closed the involved Nanchang Hope Language Rehabilitation Association," the federation wrote in a statement posted on its Sina Weibo account on Sunday.

The event was first reported by Nanchang TV on Saturday, which dispatched an undercover reporter to investigate the rehab center.

According to the report,  teachers of the center used their hands or wooden sticks to hit the children with hearing disability on their bodies, faces or heads in order to make the children "speak louder," ignoring the children's cries.

A child was beaten by three teachers as the child did not want to sleep, the report showed.

According to the video accompanying the report, the sanitary and food conditions in the center were also very poor.

"With physical challenges, the disabled children, who have weaker self-defense ability, are more likely to be abused," Zhao Hui, a lawyer and director of the Beijing Bar Association Committee on Child Protection, told the Global Times on Monday.

Meanwhile, the abuse could hurt the disabled children deeper as they are more vulnerable, and for some, the impact could be lifelong, Zhao said, adding that if the abuse caused injury to the children, the teachers should be held accountable.

The Nanchang rehab center was established in 2001, had 50 students, the Beijing Youth Daily reported Monday.

Normally students who graduated from the center could enter regular primary schools wearing cochlear implant. However, an employee from the center said that the 50 children can now go nowhere. 

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