A May Day holiday to rejoice and celebrate perseverance

2020-05-01 08:52:10 GMT2020-05-01 16:52:10(Beijing Time) Xinhua English

BEIJING, May 1 (Xinhua) -- As the Chinese people embrace the May Day holiday, they rejoice for the gradually returning normal life, and more importantly, they realize better than ever that victory can only be gained with great struggle.

The five-day holiday does not come easily. China has made great sacrifices in curbing the coronavirus. No efforts were spared in saving lives, men and women, young and old. The nation stands firm and united, with every citizen contributing his or her own strength to prevail over the epidemic.

Now the nationwide battle against the epidemic has gained major strategic achievements. The surging flight and hotel bookings prior to the holiday demonstrate the public is confident that the progress can stand the test of history.

China is not only battling the coronavirus but also a "political virus" disseminated by some Western politicians who care more about re-election than the people's life and shift the blame to China to cover up their own failures in outbreak response.

They are using smear tactics such as ridicule, accusations of human rights violations, racist attacks, and unreasonable demand for reparations from China.

The list of tactics could be longer and the blackmailing could continue, but the massive offensive will not shake China's resolve in promoting its development and cooperation with other countries. The Chinese people will only be more cautious of the selfish and despicable nature of some so-called Washington elites, more united and more confident in the national strength.

The challenges China encountered in the first four months of the year prove again that the road of development is complex and onerous. But the country's step toward the goal of building a well-off society is unstoppable.

After the May Day holiday, China will continue to accelerate work resumption and business reopening. The government will enhance efforts to help companies address difficulties and promote the recovery of pillar industries. China's progress will also help stabilize and reactivate the global industrial and supply chains.

China's victory against the coronavirus will not be final, but a prelude to long-term development. For other countries currently imposing lockdowns and expecting to reopen economies, China's practice also serves as an encouragement that by struggling with determination and perseverance, victory is not far off.

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