Over 2,400 historic buildings in Shanghai "readable" to public

2020-09-15 02:13:43 GMT2020-09-15 10:13:43(Beijing Time) Xinhua English

SHANGHAI, Sept. 14 (Xinhua) -- A total of 2,458 historic buildings in Shanghai are now "readable" to the public, with information on their backgrounds provided via QR codes set on their exteriors, according to the Shanghai Municipal Administration of Culture and Tourism.

By scanning the QR codes, visitors can access the basic information of the buildings and their historical backgrounds in the form of texts, pictures, audio clips, videos and even virtual-reality tours.

The administration said that 1,039 historic buildings are now open, with members of the public allowed to explore the interiors.

Since 2018, six main districts in Shanghai have started activities aimed at providing the public with readable information on buildings. Starting this year, more historic sites have been opened and become "readable."

The city held a bazaar on Sunday, featuring costumes, postcards, magnets and handicrafts on the theme of old buildings. The event attracted visitors from across the city to learn more about the history and culture associated with such structures.

Shanghai authorities have also launched 103 city-walk tours on the theme of historic buildings as part of the ongoing Shanghai Tourism Festival.