Scholar says COVID-19 evolved naturally, dismisses lab leakage theory

2021-07-14 07:08:15 GMT2021-07-14 15:08:15(Beijing Time) Xinhua English

NAIROBI, July 13 (Xinhua) -- Emerging scientific consensus that the COVID-19 pandemic evolved naturally, as opposed to human misadventure, has put to rest false narratives about the virus' origin publicized by some Western countries, a scholar has said.

Stephen Ndegwa, a scholar at the Nairobi-based United States International University-Africa, said in a commentary published by the Star newspaper on Monday that linking the origin of the virus to a laboratory leakage in the central Chinese city of Wuhan is not tenable as a growing body of scientific evidence points to natural sources.

He cited an independent analysis from a group of experts overseen by the World Health Organization and the peer reviewed studies published by the Lancet, a leading medical journal, which have debunked the myth that the coronavirus originated from a laboratory.

He lauded an international group of scientists, who in a letter published by the Lancet on July 5 dismissed the laboratory leakage theory advocated by some Western powers.

He said the same group of international scientists in February 2020 had condemned conspiracy theories pertaining to the virus' origin, while pledging solidarity with China to boost its containment of the pandemic.

Ndegwa expressed faith in emerging scientific evidence that the virus evolved naturally, adding that linking it to a laboratory leakage only serves a diabolical agenda and is not sustainable.

He said that the bulk of energy and resources should be channelled towards efforts to suppress the virus, as opposed to obsession with its origins.

Ndegwa also urged some nations to focus more on containing the virus and not on blaming China to cover up their own incompetence during the early stages of the pandemic.

He added that China has been on the frontlines of global efforts to contain the pandemic through knowledge sharing and donations of vaccines and other medical supplies. 

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