'Family feud dramas' concern Chinese TV viewers

2013-01-17 01:32:21 GMT2013-01-17 09:32:21(Beijing Time)  SINA.com

"The 'family feud dramas' are going too far these days."

Wang Qi, a TV viewer in Hebei said that the scenarios such as "parents threaten with their own lives for obedience of their children" and "the mistress goes all lengths to destroy others' family" are too exaggerated.

Tian Yuanying, living in Sichuan, said these dramas never go beyond the stereotype of disputes between mother- and daughter-in-law; mother- and son-in-law; brothers fighting over inheritance; or wife and the mistress.

"Sometimes they stick to the same subject matter and play another thirty to forty episodes with only a change in actors and character names," said Tian.

In a survey, 44.6 percent of the respondents think the contemporary "family feud dramas" are of poor quality. Only 12.6 percent think they are not so bad.

Post-60s Wang Sufeng said she strongly dislikes these dramas which describe family feud all the time.

"How can the inexperienced young people have a stable life if they all follow the examples shown in the dramas and try to resolve family conflicts with violence?"

In the survey, 58.8 percent of the respondents think "family feud dramas" are filled with twisted family ethics; 55.3 percent are concerned about the possibility to make the young people fear about marriage and family life; 51.4 percent said the dramas may guide people to follow suit and resolve family conflicts through wrong approaches.

Some netizens have suggested that the producers of domestic family dramas should borrow more ideas from South Korean dramas to render stronger sense of life, of human kindness, and of respect for the old and love for the young, so as to relax the audience as well as play a role in social education.

"Family dramas should not become mere farce but should arouse rational thinking among the people about family relationships," said Zhu Hongwen, professor at Department of Sociology of Beijing Normal University.

"The modern society shows a trend of individualization. The era of several generations living in one house has long passed. The original family structure is impacted. In such circumstances, popular culture should preach warm and in-depth family affections and help carry out family virtues education."


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