Designer decorates home with abandoned furniture

2018-06-06 14:06:45 GMT2018-06-06 22:06:45(Beijing Time) Sina English

A FASHION designer in Shenzhen gave up her work in the downtown CBD and moved to a village at the foot of Wutong Mountain three years ago. Zhao Jing decorated her village house with abandoned furniture, the Southern Metropolis Daily reported.

Originally from Shandong Province, Zhao had been working in Shenzhen as a fashion designer for 10 years. Like most of the young people in the city, Zhao led a busy life. However, a serious illness she had three years ago started to make her ponder the meaning of life and what kind of lifestyle she really wanted to pursue.

“I cared too much about material life while I was working, but after I recovered from the illness, I realized that the society and the fast-paced lifestyle had gradually changed my values and pursuits. I was tired of that kind of life,” said Zhao.

Despite her family’s disagreement, Zhao moved to a rental house in Hengpailing Village.

After settling down, Zhao started to decorate her house with old furniture that had been abandoned by others. With a secondhand bed, sofa, newspapers, bottles and other used furniture and objects, Zhao converted her house into a livable residence, and it only cost her 3,500 yuan (US$547.75).

“When I was working at the clothing company, I learned that the amount of clothes produced in China each year is enough for everyone for the next 20 years, so the clothing industry is actually creating a large burden on the natural environment,” said Zhao.

Therefore, Zhao opened online shops on WeChat and Taobao to sell products like clothes, backpacks and storage bags made of used furniture and other objects. She believes that recycling old furniture and leading a sustainable life can greatly protect the environment.

(Zhang Qian, Cui Chenxin/Shenzhen Daily)

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