Copyright authorities urge healthy online music market

2017-09-14 02:51:36 GMT2017-09-14 10:51:36(Beijing Time) Agencies

National Copyright Administration has called for healthy development of the online music sector amid the recent tie-up between Tencent and Alibaba in music streaming.

The heads of Tencent Music Entertainment, Ali Music Group, NetEase Cloud Music and Baidu Taihe Music were brought together by the administration to discuss issues related to copyrights, Legal Daily reported.

An official from the administration said the online music market now faces various problems, including inflating copyright licensing fees, snatching exclusive copyrights and using musical works without licensing or permission.

The official also said over 2.2 million musical works without licensing or permission were withdrawn online since 2015 during campaigns to regulate the sector. The administration also initiated an industry self-regulation signed by major music streaming platforms.

The administration urged all music streamers to abide by copyright laws, stop dissemination of unauthorized musical works, and properly deal with copyright conflicts .

Purchase of music copyrights should be fair, reasonable and in line with international practices without driving up prices, causing unfair competition, or leading to the purchase of exclusive copyrights, it was added.

Tencent Music and Entertainment Group (TME) and Ali Music Group have announced their collaboration on a copyright access swap that would enlarge the catalogs of both platforms.

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