Pop diva Faye Wong sings 'Me and My Motherland'

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Chinese pop diva Faye Wong released a new rendition of the classic Chinese song "Me and My Motherland" on Tuesday, which became an instant hit to revive nostalgia and patriotism among Chinese people.

The song created by Qin Yongcheng and Zhang Li in 1985, was originally performed by famous Chinese singer Li Guyi. It has been performed numerous times this year to mark the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, as its message beautifully expresses and conveys love for the country.

The new film "Me and My Motherland" also uses the song as its title and theme song. The film project is a combination of seven short films by seven elite Chinese directors including Chen Kaige, focusing on seven ordinary Chinese individuals who have grown up in China and experienced seven significant historic moments including the founding ceremony of the country, China's first atom bomb, the return of Hong Kong from British rule to China and the Beijing Olympics.

Wong's version, produced and arranged by Chinese musician Chang Shilei, was released to promote the film. Similar to Chang's original idea of how to recreate the song, Faye Wong's interpretation made this classic tune demonstrate a distinctive "freedom, warmth, broadness, harmony and inclusiveness," he said. The music video consists of touching clips from the seven stories from the film project and historical images, which have brought many people to tears.

Faye Wong, 50, has not released a studio album for 16 years, only releasing singles or theme songs for various movies. Even so, she remains the top singer in China and can sell out concerts in seconds. Rumor has it that she plans to release a new studio album sometime in the near future.

The film "Me and My Motherland" will hit Chinese cinemas on the eve of the 70th National Day which falls on Oct. 1. It already has strong presales, raking in more than 68 million yuan ($9.55 million) and was deemed to be one of the top blockbusters to dominate the National Day holiday film season.

Source: China.org.cn

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