Second season of ‘Above The Clouds’ comes to streaming platform iQiyi on March 30

2017-03-17 05:51:33 GMT2017-03-17 13:51:33(Beijing Time) Agencies

The second season of popular Chinese TV drama Above The Clouds will air on iQiyi, one of China's largest streaming sites, starting from March 30, according to a statement from iQiyi on Wednesday.

The first season grabbed audiences' attention for its portrayal of real stories occurring in Chinese entrainment circles after it debuted on February 23.

The drama follows characters Tang Fei and Jian Xi as they chase their dreams of becoming famous stars. Its focus on how the two survive the temptations that fame and wealth bring and how they navigate an industry full of hidden rules has won the show praise from audiences.

With the stories ripped from the headlines of major entertainment magazines, the first season also took the form of a story within a story as it took aim at the Chinese entertainment industry.

According to Yu Zheng, one of the show's producers, the drama aims to "be a documentary recording what is happening in showbiz circles."

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