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Mr. Liu Yue Guitar Trio

2012-10-30 10:18:52 GMT2012-10-30 18:18:52(Beijing Time)  City Weekend

Liu Yue Trio(China) With the first-rate jazz musicians as band members, Liu Yue Trio is about to present his original works in our Jazz Festival this year, including Wen Zhu, Zhong Guo Gu Niang, Guo Long Jiang, etc. They are all modern Jazz songs with a strong flavor of Chinese music.

One of the well-known jazz guitarists and bassists in Beijing; a member of Cui Jianʼs Band; the image spokesman for the world renowned bass brand Warwick; the strings spokesmen for DʼAddario. With deep and unique understanding of jazz bass and jazz guitar, Liu expresses the internal elements of music through his superb and refined skill in performances.

Since 1998, he has always been proactive as a music player in jazz performances at home and abroad. He has participated in a wide range of jazz concerts, recordings, and performances in a series of jazz festivals in Beijing, Shanghai, Northern Europe.

He has also engaged in the cause of jazz education, by means of recording and publishing his personal VCDs concerning jazz-and-guitar teaching, writing jazz feature lectures for Modern Player, Guitar Fans and other magazines. He is now teaching jazz guitar in Beijing Midi Music School.

: Nov 8th 10pm - 1am
: East Shore Live Jazz Café: 2/F, 2 Qianhai Nanyan Lu
: 010--84032131

Ismat Folk Rock Project

When: Nov 8th 9:30 pm - 11:30 pm
Where:Temple: 202, Bldg B, 206 Gulou Dong Dajie
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The Beijing Old Dixieland Band

When: Nov 8th 9:30 pm - 11:59 pm
Where:Modernista Old Cafe & Tapas Bar: 44 Baochao Hutong
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Bei Bei Jazz Quartet

When: Nov 7th 10pm - 1am
Where:East Shore Live Jazz Café: 2/F, 2 Qianhai Nanyan Lu
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