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How to Be Alone Without Being Lonely

2012-12-06 05:44:35 GMT2012-12-06 13:44:35(Beijing Time)

It’s important to find a healthy balance between spending time alone and spending time with others. Spending too much time alone can result in a feeling of disconnection, seclusion or loneliness. Spending too much time with others can distract you from your inner voice or lead to an uncomfortable feeling of dependency.

We need ourselves, but we also need other people. We need to be able to love and guide ourselves, but we also need love and guidance from others. One without the other will eventually lead to an uncomfortable or emotionally damaging imbalance.

Here are ten ways to avoid loneliness without avoiding a healthy amount of solitude as well:

Set aside some alone time every day. Everybody needs daily alone time. It’s healthy to get away from everybody and just take a few moments to relax and enjoy some peace and quiet during the day. Whenever you have an opportunity to escape and enjoy your own company for a little while, go for it.

Keep in touch with close friends. It’s all too easy to lose touch with the people we don’t see every day when we get caught up in the busyness of life. Make sure you’re doing your part to stay in touch with your closest friends. You will be glad you did once you realize how much you need them.

Do some self-reflecting when you need to make a decision before you consult someone else for advice. The insights we reach on our own are so much more powerful than the insights we receive from others. There is a quiet voice inside of us all that knows exactly what to do when we’re faced with a difficult decision. Listen closely to and trust that voice.

Visit or spend time with your family. If you live away from your family, make sure you visit them whenever you have a good opportunity to do so. And if you live near or with them, make sure you actually spend time with them. Whether you’ve realized it yet or not, family is hugely important. They’re all we truly have in the end.

Take a solitary walk every once in awhile. Taking a walk with someone else is fun and can open the door for deep or meaningful communication, but solitary walks can be a good opportunity to reach your own meaningful insights. Let your mind wander and pay attention to your internal dialogue as you walk.

Greet or smile at a stranger. Simple, pleasant interactions with strangers have the potential to make your day. Smile at or introduce yourself to someone new every now and then. You might end up making a new friend.

Look at solitude as an opportunity to re-connect with yourself. Being alone is a great opportunity to do something just for you. Make yourself a meal, play loud music and dance, meditate, or take yourself out on a date.

Regularly send notes, letters or emails to the people you love. Send simple, thoughtful messages to people every once in awhile just to ask how they’re doing or let them know that you’re thinking about them.

Create something on your own. Create something that you alone can be proud of. Start writing that book you’ve been putting off, come up with a recipe you think others might enjoy, experiment with homemade crafts for your home or office, or come up with your own unique idea or invention.

Create something with someone else. Create something with the help of another person or a group of people that you admire. Creating and collaborating with like-minded people makes for a memorable bonding experience.



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