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Study: China becomes No.1 stressed country

2012-10-17 11:21:19 GMT2012-10-17 19:21:19(Beijing Time)  SINA English

By Yuan Yue, Sina English

Recent research shows that, at present, Chinese people are among the most stressed 80 countries/regions studied, with seventy-five percent of the mainland Chinese workers surveyed say their stress feeling has been growing in the past year.

According to data provided by the consulting firm Regus, the pressure of Chinese people mainly derives from three factors: job, personal finance, and boss.

But what has made China the No.1 stressed country in the world? The reasons may be as follows. With the country undergoing rapid economic development, Chinese people have to deal with the huge pressure that comes along.

"Old capitalistic countries have progressed 500 years to where they are, but we have to achieve that ten times as fast," says an expert, "as a matter of fact, we have to digest ten times the stress they had."

The current social security system in the country only makes the situation even worse. Individuals have to shoulder a huge burden because at this moment, the system for health care, education and welfare are far from perfect. "A lot of Chinese people are struggling to make a living," says Xia Xueluan, a sociology professor with Peking University. "And even death is not an escape from reality, as funeral service also costs huge," he joked.

"Moreover, Chinese people are taught to be competitive," explains Professor Xia, "In Chinese culture, people are taught to bring glory to the family." This adds to the woes, according to him.

The situation could be better if Chinese people learn to let go their emotion to beat stress. Reality, however, goes against will.

"Few Chinese have the habit to visit psychiatrists when the feel depressed," says Li Xinying, an expert with Chinese Academy of Sciences. "They would rather keep reticent or lose temper, than seek help from professionals."

Karoshi (toiled to death), depression, suicide, and anxiety

Study shows that over 80% of company employees in China tend to work overtime.

According to a report by Voice of China, only three in ten Chinese people can enjoy paid vacation-- the percentage is the lowest of all the countries in the world.

Another research carried out by the Lancet, a medical journal, shows that one every ten Chinese people has mental disorders, and 26 million Chinese suffer from depression.

China also ranks the first in suicide cases. It is estimated that around 110,000 Chinese commit suicide each year, half of them, however, are mentally healthy.

In today's China, pressures from all aspects are mounting. Anxiety has become quite common to people. Perhaps an oft-heard complaint can reflect their status quo: "we feel tired when stress hits, but scared if it is none."


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