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Hollywood director honored in Hong Kong
2004-11-11 00:19:23 XinhuaEnglish
BEIJING, Nov. 11(Xinhuanet)-- Hollywood action movie director John Woo has been given an honored honorary university doctorate in his native Hong Kong, for his contributions to the movie industry.

The director, whose hits include the gangster movie"Face Off" starring Nicolas Cage and John Travolta, and a live-action adaptation of the Marvel comic hero"The Hulk", received a doctorate in social science from Baptist University.

He was decked out in the university's gold silk and red velvet gown for the occasion.

Woo was born in China's southern Guangdong province but moved to Hong Kong with his family at a young age.

His early films were blood-soaked domestic hits that paved his way to Hollywood. He soon became one of Tinseltown's hottest and busiest properties thanks to blockbusters such as 2003's"Paycheck" and"Mission: Impossible II" starring Tom Cruise.

Woo's ultra-violent movies are considered among the best in Asia and were a great influence on cult American Director Quentin Tarantino.

(Text: CRIENGLISH.com/Photo Source: Sina)

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