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"The Sopranos" kicks off final season on HBO
2007-04-08 08:39:25 Xinhua English

BEIJING, April 9 (Xinhuanet) --James Gandolfini and Edie Falcoreturn as Tony and Carmela Soprano in nine new episodes of HBO's landmark mafia drama, set to wind up its final season.

"The Sopranos," which debuted on HBO Jan. 10, 1999, soon became a cultural phenomenon, then a ratings phenomenon. The complicated drama about a mob boss, his family, his shrink and his crew garnered critical raves, stacks of awards and endless media coverage for an ascendant HBO.

"There will be a lot of surprises, and a lot of moments that will shock and awe," said Terry Winter, one of the show's executive producers. The series "is like an epic novel, and it takes a lot of deft planning to bring it to its conclusion."

Winter declined to provide specifics but said the show will tie up some, not all, loose ends.

"Sometimes life gives you loose ends," he said. "Sometimes not getting what you want makes a better story."

Show creator David Chase, who directed the first episode of the series, is writing and directing its finale. The show's last scene is being shot at a popular ice cream shop in Bloomfield, N.J., which borders Newark, Tony Soprano's hometown.

"That's a perfect example of the appeal of this show," Winter said. "You see [the Soprano family] not as cardboard cutout mobsters, but as real people."


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