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Drunk man vomits his head off
2007-06-29 01:48:47 Shanghai Daily

SHANGHAI, June 29 -- A RUNNING truck killed a drunk man by almost beheading him when he was vomiting out of a car window shortly after midnight last Friday in Beijing, the Beijing Times reported today.

The victim, surnamed Liao, and his friend Tan Tuanyuan were returning home after a night's drinking, the report said.

Tan, who was also drunk, drove his car to take Liao to his home in Shijingshan District. When they reached Badachu Road, Liao said he wanted to vomit and, according to Tan, "stretched his head out of the window,''

Tan then began pulling over but the car collided with a truck. Half of Liao's head was smashed by the impact with the truck, the report said.

The truck driver immediately called the police, but when police reached the scene, the car was not there. The police found only some of Liao's body tissue on the truck.

Around 3am, Tan surrendered to the traffic authority, the report said.

"I didn't know what happened at that time. (After the collision,) I was holding his hand, talking to him on the way to hospital," Tan said.

But Tan was so drunk that he drove the car in the wrong direction and did not stop until he rammed his car into a balustrade beside a railway line.

When he became sober he took Liao to Shougang Hospital where a doctor told him Liao was dead, the report said.

Tan has been detained and the investigation into the accident is ongoing.

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