U.S. high school kids have less sex than in 90s

2008-06-05 07:15:58 GMT       2008-06-05 15:15:58 (Beijing Time)       Xinhua English

High school students in U.S. are having less sex compared to the 1990s, media report on Thursday.

Overall, 54 percent of the high school students said they had ever had sexual intercourse in 1991, compared to 48 percent in 2007. In 1991, 19 percent said they had at least four sexual partners, compared to 15 percent last year, the survey showed.

This is the result of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that questioned 14,041 students in grades nine through 12 in 39 states in spring 2007.

CDC said that there were major racial and ethnic disparities.

Sixty-six percent of black high school students said they had ever had sex, 28 percent of them at least with four sexual partners, the highest among the ethnic groups.

But CDC said there were fewer black high school students having sex compared to the 1990s.

In 1991, 82 percent of them said they had ever had sex, 43 percent four or more partners during their lifetime.

For white students, 45 percent reported ever having sexual intercourse, down from 50 percent in 1991. And the number with at least four sex partners fell to 12 percent from 15 percent in 1991.

But Latinos made no such progress, the survey reported. In 1991, 53 percent reporting having sex at least once, compared to 52 percent in 2007. And the number of Latinos who had sex with four or more people during their life was 17 percent in 1991 and 2007.


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