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Jackson praised by accuser's family on vedio
2005-03-05 01:21:39 XinhuaEnglish

Michael Jackson leaves court for a morning break during his child

molestation trial at Santa Barbara County Superior Court on, Friday, March

4, 2005 in Santa Maria, California.(AP Photo) BEIJING, Mar. 5-- SANTA MARIA, Calif.(AP)- The sister of Michael Jackson's accuser faces cross-examination today in the child molestation trial. She testified under cross-examination that she had accused her own father of molesting her, imprisoning her and making terrorist threats.

The 18-year-old college freshman testified yesterday her family was both seduced and coerced into helping the singer.

The sister testified Thursday that Jackson's associates had the family make the tape about two weeks after a Feb. 6, 2003, TV documentary by British journalist Martin Bashir in which her brother appeared with Jackson, who said he allowed the boy to sleep in his bed while he slept on the floor.

She said Jackson did good things for the family after her brother got cancer. But she says when a documentary was to air showing the 13-year-old boy holding hands with Jackson, he had the family flown to Miami and kept them from watching.

The sister was seen in the video with tears streaming down her face and saying of Jackson,"He's a very caring, humble man. He took us under his wing when no one else would."

The video, which lasted more than an hour, was played in a hushed courtroom where Jackson's mother, Katherine, sat dabbing at her eyes with a tissue and his sister LaToya and brother Jackie sat beside her.

Jurors watched intently and some of them took notes.

"Michael," the boy was heard saying,"he treats me like he's my father."

The boy's brother spoke up and said,"He makes me feel like his son and he lets me call him father and he calls us sons."

Off camera, an interviewer asked the family questions and suggested that they say things about Jackson.

Entertainer Michael Jackson(news)

walks out of court following the fifth day of his child molestation trial

at the Santa Barbara County Superior Court Friday, March 4, 2005, in Santa

Maria, Calif.(AP Photo)

The boy who is now accusing Jackson gave him credit for helping to cure his cancer.

"We were driving up the hill and he told me,'You need to get better.' He told me,'You need to eat up all those cancer cells like Pac-Man.' I never forgot that," the boy said.

At one point, the mother spoke about money and financial problems that have plagued them.

"We know what it is to be poor but in all the time with Michael there are no money problems. He fulfills our needs," she said.

She said of Bashir,"He took a beautiful relationship and spun it out of control. God works through people and so does the devil."

But when Mesereau questioned the sister on the stand, she insisted that no one in her family has ever seen the documentary.

Asked about her mother's statements about how poor they were, the witness said,"She was just trying to make it more dramatic. There was a script."

"So are you saying everything you said on the tape was memorized?" asked Mesereau.

"Not everything," the girl said.


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