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China to promote red tourism in historical revolutionary sites
2005-03-05 05:21:37 

SHIJIAZHUANG, March 5(Xinhuanet)-- China plans to designate landmark places in the development of the Communist Party of Chinain order to promote patriotic education and boost the economy of revolutionary regions.

A project was launched by the general offices of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council last December to promote "red tourism" from 2004 to 2010 in China.

The government plans of the sites raising 100 billion yuan(12.1 billion US dollars) by 2010 for these regions, which are mainly located in mountainous areas and are comparatively poor. The increased tourism would bring job opportunities for 2 million people and indirectly affect 10 million people.

As a part of this move, North China's Hebei Province will spare no efforts in popularizing its ten major sites of "red tourism" in 2005.

"The hand-picked ten sites, which are mainly located in mountainous and poor areas, would not only make visitors know moreabout the CPC's glorious history, but boost local economy," said Wang Xinyong, Director of Hebei Tourism Administration.

The sites include Xibaipo, where the CPC's central leadership stayed for ten months from 1948 to 1949, the headquarters of Division 129 under the Eight Route Army led by the CPC in China's Anti-Japanese War(1937-1945) and a memorial to Li Dazhao, one of the CPC's founders.

More than 60 hotels, actually renovated houses of farmers, are now standing in Xibaipo. Hebei has all together 118 sites of "red tourism," which attracted 12 million visitors in 2004.

In 2005, Hebei plans to carry out a series of activities to publicize its "red tourism" sites among domestic and even overseasvisitors.

In March, about 100 South Korean citizens will be organized to drive their own cars to visit Ranzhuang. Ranzhuang, also one of the ten key sites of Hebei's "red tourism," is famous for tunnel warfare launched there by the CPC in the Anti-Japanese War.

An exhibition on Hebei's "red tourism" is scheduled for April 22 to 24 in Beijing.

In recent years, China has attached great importance to "red tourism," whose destinations also include other famous bases of the CPC-led revolution such as Jingganshan of South China's Jiangxi Province, Yan'an of west China's Shaanxi Province and the Taihang Mountains in North China.

China to promote red tourism in historical revolutionary sites  
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