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"Seven Swords" misses Cannes Film Festival
2005-03-06 01:22:08 XinhuaEnglish

"Seven Swords"

director Tsui Hark

BEIJING, Mar. 6-- Hong Kong director Tsui Hark says that the high-profile martial-arts film"Seven Swords" won't be taking part in Cannes Film Festival in May.

Though they have sacrificed tremendous amount of time in post-production, it's still far from completion.

The renowned director says that he shot"Seven Swords" primarily for the audience and that winning awards is secondary.

He explained that the film is different from his previous works in the manner of storytelling, and the way the logic of relationships and emotions is handled.

Remaining ever cryptic, he won't elaborate any further, other than,"You will know once you've seen it."

Tsui Hark recently worked with burgeoning Mainland actress Zhang Jingchu(iR) on another martial-arts epic"The Legend of Zu"(s).

He also said his next work is in preparation and it will, unlike"Seven Swords", cast new faces in the leading roles. Maintaining his veil of secrecy, the director also refused to elaborate on the premise of his new film.

(Source: CRIENGLISH.com)

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