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Dou Wei separates from girlfriend
2006-03-01 20:27:17 Xinhua English

Dou Wei and Gao Yuan(Photo:

CRIENGLISH.com/hf365.com)BEIJING, March. 2-- Seven years after longtime rock singer Dou Wei ended his marriage to Chinese pop diva Faye Wong, the singer and composer was said to have broken up with girlfriend Gao Yuan. Gao was blamed for Dou and Wong's divorce in 1999.

A story posted online anonymously said Dou separated with Gao at the end of 2005 and their child is in Dou's custody. Dou now makes a living singing at bars.

The news was quickly picked up by reporters, but Dou did not respond to reporters' phone calls. However, the news was confirmed by a friend of Dou, who attributed the couple's separation to Dou's obsession with music, which raised doubts for Gao about their relationship.

Adding to the emotional crisis was Dou's poor financial status, the unnamed friend said. Dou owns a bar in Beijing which was doing poorly. With little income, the couple reportedly had frequent fights over money.

Dou and Gao met in 1994 during a photo shoot for Dou's album"Black Dream." The two appeared in public as lovers in March 1999, five months before Dou divorced Faye Wong. Dou's child with Wong from their three-year marriage is in Wong's custody.

(Source: Shenzhen Daily)

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