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Hollywood director to shoot story of first Chinese emperor
2007-04-06 02:40:19 Xinhua English

Ridley Scott (File Photo)

BEIJING, April 7 -- Hollywood director Ridley Scott, famous for such epics as "Alien" and "Gladiator", is planning to shoot the story of the first emperor in Chinese history - Qin Shi Huang.

In a telephone interview with Beijing Star Daily, the director said he has bought the screenplay for the film, and has invited Chinese director Zhang Yi-mou as a collaborator.

The shooting would probably start after the 2008 Olympic Games, an event whose opening and closing ceremonies Zhang, as director in chief, is responsible for.

Though never been to China in person, Scott has always wanted to bring the Chinese history onto the big silver screen, and his collection of related materials began years ago.

As well as "Qin Shi Huang", he also purchased the script for "Genghis Khan", a great leader of Mongolians and the founder of Yuan Dynasty. He united Mongolian tribes at the end of 12th century.

Another movie "Tristan & Isolde", on which Scott has worked as the executive producer, is scheduled to be released in the Chinese mainland on April 20.

(Source: CRIENGLISH.com)

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