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Asian Art in North Texas

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“Who Am I” by Li Haibing

“Is said to be beautiful 4” by He Si'en

“Untitled” by Bronwyn Towle

“Red Club” Zhang He

Wenli Liu in front of her artwork,“Texas: Bold and Abstract”, at LuminArte.

“Dendrites” by Puneeta Mittal

In the last year, LuminArte Gallery in Dallas has worked diligently to develop an international art program, which seeks to bring together artists of different cultural backgrounds and customs into a harmonious balance. LuminArte Gallery is proud to be working with a number of Asian artists, whose artworks reflect a rich cultural heritage, while typifying current trends in the international art world.

In October, LuminArte is honored to be exhibiting new artworks of two extraordinary artists from Beijing, Li Haibing and He Si’en, in the international art exhibition, “Imagine.” Both artists manipulate photographic images to underline internal emotional conflict while demonstrating an acute awareness of a cultural identity of globalization, as well as a “stream of consciousness” approach to art making.

"Imagine," scheduled from October 6-28, is the realization of the International Biennale Artists group founder, Israeli artist Elisha Ben-Yitzhak, who after many years of exhibiting his artwork worldwide, has chosen a core group of artists whom he personally feels reflect the ideal of Arete, the classical Greek concept of excellence.

“Artists are always the sharpest observers and critics, regardless of what kind of society they live in. The infinite exploration of the new lands for their creations should be the ultimate mission of all artists, in the purpose of discovering the secrets of humanity under such a diversified society, in order to arouse and enlighten all human beings.”- Li Haibing.

He Si’en’s graphic artwork draws inspiration from Chinese culture and representative symbology. With the colors he uses, he creates atmospheres that make one think of the unavoidability of simply ‘being’ and the spiritual justification for life. In his works there is a love for his heritage and roots, retold through symbols recognized by all. “Like a plant that feels the subtle changes of weather and soil, an artist does the same. He feels and extracts nutriment from the surroundings - history and cultural environment - until he and the destiny coalesces into one.”

“As always I keep a watchful eye on the things around me, full of curiosity and with the belief that every human being in this constantly changing world is blessed, for we are experiencing every moment of the life.”

Born in Hawaii of Chinese decent, Bronwyn Towle will also be featured in “Imagine.” “I am all about the physicality of painting, guided by my imagination and the energy of varied mark-making, bold gestural lines, and saturated color. At times, my work reflects the rich and diverse cultural background of my upbringing in Hawaii; ethnic, primitive, and always inspired by the beauty of the human face or form, and all things natural.

Zhang He, a Chinese-Canadian artist based in Montreal, also exhibits with the gallery as part of our Asian family of artists. His vigorous abstractions range from austere studies in movement and energy to exuberant explosions of color that express the ever-changing landscape of his emotions. Gestural power and luminous hues reflect the verve and freedom of Chinese calligraphy, while each painting is a journey of self-discovery, continual exploration, and personal transformation. In his refusal to settle on easy formulae, the artist has induced a process of constant reinvention that has given his art extraordinary power and momentum over the past decade.

Born in Beijing, China, Wenli Liu’s passion for drawing started to show very early. She received her education in both Engineering and Graphic design which shows in the rigorous structure of her paintings. Wenli worked several years as a journalist and in Beijing, Shenzhen and as a graphic designer in San Francisco; and now resides in Dallas, Texas, working full time as a painter. “Having grown up in China, I treasure the depth of my culture very much. I try to merge some of its elements into my works, sometimes a perceptible symbol, sometimes just a hint tucked in between the layers. Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.”

LuminArte artists from South Asia include Ashok Kumar, whose creations explore human feeling and thought through the imagination of line, form, color, and texture, and through the relevant content of shades and strokes. “Colors depict that subject’s inner and outer thoughts, revealing its essence, and the essence of the creation has no boundary or limit, yet has the ability to interpret a cultural scenario.” Ashok Kumar has been recognized by the French government through a scholarship for the higher study of fine art in France at Marseille and has exhibited his paintings though out India and France.

Puneeta Mittal was born and educated in India, earning a Master’s degree in Hindi Literature before moving to the United States. Currently, Puneeta works in ceramics, sculpture and painting, creating an enchanting array of original pieces. “With a strong belief that everything that is born, grows and withers away to be yet born again – incessant change from one to another proceeds in an evolutionary cycle – I chose not to be limited to a small corner space that defines who I am and what I must make.”

The intimate influences of her rich heritage and culture can be seen in her work today. With an understanding that incessant change proceeds in an evolutionary cycle, clay is an ideal medium for her expressive goals. To quote Dalai Lama, "Within the seed of the cause of events is the seed for their cessation and disintegration.”


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