Le Pen urges end of open borders in EU after Berlin attacker's movements

2016-12-23 22:20:29 GMT2016-12-24 06:20:29(Beijing Time) Xinhua English

PARIS, Dec. 23 (Xinhua) -- Marine Le Pen, leader of French far-right National Front party on Friday called for an end to open borders in Europe after the Berlin attacker's movements came to light, saying the Schengen pact must be "definitely buried."

Le Pen decried the Berlin fugitive being able to travel to neighboring countries despite heavy security, which she said was the result of the Schengen Agreement.

The agreement was signed on June 14, 1985 which allows people to travel across Europe's border-free zone comprising the territories of 26 European countries.

In a statement posted on the party's website, Le Pen wrote: "Anis Amri killed in Milan, Schengen indicted."

"This escapade in at least two or three countries is symptomatic of the total security catastrophe that is the Schengen agreement," she said.

"I reiterate my pledge to give back France full control of its sovereignty, its national borders and to put an end to the consequences of the Schengen agreement," she added.

Le Pen is challenging the country's two major Republican parties in the upcoming presidential election.

The National Front made unprecedented gains in the last European Parliament election, boosting her chance in the presidential elections in 2017.