France's Le Pen terms herself as candidate "in the name of people" to regain sovereignty

2017-01-03 14:38:13 GMT2017-01-03 22:38:13(Beijing Time) Xinhua English

PARIS, Jan. 3 (Xinhua) -- Marine Le Pen, nominee of far-right National Front (FN) party in France's upcoming presidential election, on Monday portrayed herself as a candidate of people who seeks to regain France's sovereignty and independence.

In an interview with the news channel BFMTV, Le Pen said she is campaigning "in the name of people," to return to "the roots of democracy," and "restore power."

"The ideas I defend are supported by a majority in the country. The French share our vision of the independence of France," she added.

The anti-immigrant lawyer said she would renegotiate the European Union treaty, restore internal borders and local currency, if elected in the due presidential election.

Asked weather she planned to stop political career if she loses, Le Pen said "no, because I'm not fighting for myself. I'm fighting for a country , for people."

Opinion polls showed the National Front leader would likely win the first round of voting next April but lose in the runoff in May to whoever should be her opponent.

In 2012, Le Pen came third in the presidential race but had made the first round surprise with an unexpected high vote. About 17.9 percent of 44.6 million French had cast their ballots for an anti-immigration policy and the abandon of the euro currency.