Macedonia brings together 10 distinguished painters in art colony

2017-06-12 22:00:34 GMT2017-06-13 06:00:34(Beijing Time) Xinhua English

SKOPJE, June 12 (Xinhua) -- Macedonia has brought together ten distinguished painters from Macedonia, Bulgaria, Montenegro and Serbia in an art colony held in the Braka Miladinovci library in the capital city, Skopje, local media said Monday.

"The painters will be trying to put ten classic poems onto canvas which will be shown to public on Thursday along poetic reading of the songs," the representative of Skopje Library Bratislav Tashkovski told reporters.

"The goal of the colony is to have these works as the basis of the latest collection of our library and of the City of Skopje," Tashkovski said.

Six Macedonian painters will participate in the colony: Sergej Andreevski, Emil Shulajkovski, Ilija Stojkovski, Jasmina Trpevska, Aleksandra Aceska and Hristina Manevska.

Montenegro is represented by Dragan Mijac ­ Brile and Jaksha Chalasan.

Roman Kisjov comes from Bulgaria and Miroslav Zhivkovic from Serbia, local media informed.

A jury which includes Ivan Dzeparovski, Branko Cvetkoski and Bratislav Tashkovski selected the poems which will be used as inspiration for their paintings.

They include Bolen Dojcin by Blaze Koneski, Walpurgis Night from Slavko Janevski, Ana by Jovan Koteski, The Master and the Bridge by Ante Popovski and others.