20 tons of contaminated eggs sold in Denmark

2017-08-10 21:35:19 GMT2017-08-11 05:35:19(Beijing Time) Xinhua English

COPENHAGEN, Aug. 10 (Xinhua) -- A total of 20 tons of contaminated eggs have been sold in Denmark, which has become the latest country to be hit by the egg scandal, local media reported Thursday.

The eggs were contaminated with the insecticide Fipronil and mainly sold to Danish canteens and catering, according to the Danish news agency Ritzau, citing a press release by the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration.

Fipronil is a pesticide effective on a large number of pests. It is considered slightly poisonous by the World Health Organization (WHO) and is hence forbidden on animals destined for the food chain to prevent damage to the human liver, thyroid and kidney.

Millions of eggs have been withdrawn from stores in Holland, Germany, Belgium, Sweden and Britain in recent weeks due to the contamination.

The eggs were imported by Danish company Danaeg Products from a Belgian subcontractor, and they were originally from Holland, according to the Danish newspaper Politiken.

"The eggs are typically sold to canteens, kitchens, cafes and catering companies, and have hardly been sold in Danish retail stores," the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration said in the press release.

The administration however noted that it is not a health hazard although samples have shown traces of fipronil in the eggs.

Fipronil is used as an antidote to lice, fleas and mites. Rules in the EU prohibit the use of the substance on animals ending at the dinner table as it may be harmful to humans.

On Wednesday, 40 cooked eggs were found contaminated with fipronil at a bakery in Denmark.

The Danish food authorities are closely monitoring the case, saying that it can not be ruled out that more cases will arise with further investigations.