Longquan Celadon Tour kicks off at UN headquarters

2018-09-11 05:34:36 GMT2018-09-11 13:34:36(Beijing Time) Xinhua English

Guests, Chinese and Americans alike, were fascinated at the jars, tea pots and cups, and plates made of a jade-like china or ceramics at a show Monday at the headquarters of United Nations.

About 85 Longquan Celadon went under limelight when the 2018 Longquan Celadon Exhibition Tour started at the United Nations Headquarters Building in New York.

Through the display of tea ceremony, tea party and life scene, audience can experience the millennium charm of celadon and embrace the eastern quality of life.

After the UN show, a week-long exhibition will also be held in Soho District, New York.

With a history of more than 1600 years, Longquan celadon started in the Three Kingdoms (220-280 AD), flourished in the Song (9601279) and Yuan dynasties (1279-1368), and resurged in the contemporary era. Longquan has thus been one of the most famous ceramics capitals in China.

In 2009, Longquan celadon's traditional firing technique was listed by UNESCO in the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, the only ceramic project appearing in list so far.