Olympic champion Deng breaks word, records at Asian Weightlifting Champs

2019-04-26 03:24:33 GMT2019-04-26 11:24:33(Beijing Time) Xinhua English

NINGBO, China, April 24 (Xinhua) -- Rio Olympic champion Deng Wei won the women's 64kg category by breaking three world records in five attempts at the Asian Weightlifting Championships here on Wednesday.

Deng, who rewrote three world records of 64kg division exactly two months ago at Fuzhou World Cup, said earlier that she needs relax and would not aim at breaking world records in Ningbo.

However, she broke her word when she snatched 115kg for a new world record by two kilos.

After jerking up 137kg in her first attempt, the 26-year-old has already secured the gold medal with a total of 252kg as all others had finished their attempts.

Then Deng had her solo show, hoisting an ambitious 142kg above her head steadily for a total of 257kg in her fifth attempt, breaking two world records in jerk and total by one kilo and three kilos respectively. And then she signalled off her last attempt.

"I don't think I broke my word because I just showed what I can do in the training," Deng said with a smile.

"The world records are still away from the human limits because they were set aside as world standards only last year, not the ones that our weightlifters have been challenging for years," she explained.

"I did not think too much but felt totally relaxed during the competition," Deng added.

Last year, the International Weightlifting Federation decided to completely reshuffle the bodyweight categories for the sport, and set up those standards as records. Deng thus competes in the 64kg category instead of the original 63kg division in Ningbo.

Deng won the 2016 Rio Olympic title in the women's 63kg division with a total of 262kg, five kilos more than that in Ningbo.

"I will try to break the world records again in my next competition," Deng said.

Kim Hyo Sim of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea clinched the silver medal at 249kg while her compatriot Choe Hyo Sim, the silver medalist at Rio Olympics, grabbed the bronze at 238kg.