The second Chinese-Foreign University Presidents Forum opens
The second Chinese-Foreign University Presidents' Forum opened in Beijing on August 4. During the week-long forum, presidents of Peking University, Yale University of the United States, Cambridge University of Britain, and heads of other Chinese and foreign universities will deliver speeches on major issues facing colleges.

Richard C Levin, president of Yale University of the United States, delivers speech at the opening ceremony of the Chinese-Foreign University Presidents' Forum that opened Wednesday in Beijing.

University chiefs converge in Beijing
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Sino-foreign university presidents' forum to open

Alison Richard (first left), president of Cambridge University of Britain, Richard C Levin (centre), president of Yale University of the United States, and Howard Davies, director of the London School of Economics and Political Science, chat at the opening ceremony of the Forum.
Xu Zhihong (R), president of Peking University, and Lee C. Bollinger, president of Columbia University of the United States, chat during the opening ceremony of the Forum.

China to strengthen int'l cooperation in higher education  

BEIJING, Aug. 4 (Xinhuanet) -- China encourages its universities to develop all-round, in-depth and diversified exchanges and cooperation with their foreign peers, said Chinese state councilor Chen Zhili here Wednesday.

Chen made the remark at the opening ceremony of the second Chinese-Foreign University Presidents' Forum.

She said the exchanges and cooperation should be on an equal and reciprocal basis, by both government and private sectors and in bilateral and multilateral forms simultaneously.

Chen noted that in an era of heated international competition, higher education has been greatly reformed worldwide, aiming at more effective and sufficient use of human resources.

These adjustments include closer links between universities and economic and social progress, more coordinated development of various forms and levels of higher education and a clearer focus on demand of students.

She advised Chinese universities to attach greater importance to the teaching of basics and education quality, build more frontier disciplines and educate more innovative students.

She said Chinese universities, despite their leapfrog growth in recent years, still lag behind the global leading ones in terms of operation, management, and particularly innovation capacity.

China's higher education system should learn from international experience and transform itself from one with large scale to one with high quality, Chen said.

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